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The Training

Simplify to Amplify's core is, in fact, simple: The more you give extraordinary focus, time, and attention to the few truly important things in your life, the healthier and happier you will be. The training process focuses on the individual first - do you know who and what are most important in your life? Next, are you engaging your whole person through the Elements of Vitality – body/heart/mind/soul – against those things?

Clay will walk you through exercises for each, culling down sometimes many priorities to just a few.  In order to amplify those priorities through the Elements of Vitality framework, you'll come to understand things like:

  • Why eating the right food has so much more meaning than just 'being healthy'
  • Why posture is so important for focus
  • How multitasking can be a good thing
  • How empathy can build some of the strongest relationships possible

We then turn our focus to the organization during the discussion, applying the same Simply to Amplify principles.  We use Leadership and Resiliency, two of the most critical components in serving an organization, as the backbones to the discussion


Why participate

Whether the training is 1 hour or 3 hours, each person leaves having analyzed and evaluated key aspects of their life and their organization through reflection and sharing with peers. They will leave with their own 'Remarkable List' targeting 5 key areas that are of specific importance to them, noting for each area how they will begin to put time and energy against it in the following 48 hours.

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